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From local markets, wineries, and distilleries to nature walks and fine wine and dining, Gisborne is a peaceful and pleasant suburb just 45 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD in Victoria. With plenty of options for visitor accommodation as part of the Macedon Shire, the town of Gisborne in Victoria is home to over 11,000 locals. Residents in and around Gisborne can find comfort in knowing that when they need an expert funeral company, Howard Squires Funerals serves the Gisborne area and has been a pillar of strength for the community for decades.

Trusted By Families Across Gisborne, VIC

Selecting the right people to assist with funeral arrangements in Gisborne is a crucial step in the end-of-life process. It can be an incredibly emotional time, and the sense of compassion inherent in every member of the Howard Squires team has earned us a reputation as leaders in the field of funeral services in Gisborne. We approach every family with humility, respect, and professionalism as we guide the next of kin through the decision-making process for a befitting funeral and customary services.

Our aim is to be flexible while also ensuring efficient management of the arrangements in line with the deceased’s and family’s wishes. We can hold the initial consultation at your home, at our local branch, or via video conference to ensure all those who wish to be present can be. Experienced funeral directors take every care to explain all aspects of the process so that you can be informed but not overwhelmed. At the same time, our offerings allow for every personalization to reflect the person’s faith and end-of-life requests.

Funeral Directors in Gisborne, Vic

As the longest-serving funeral directors and funeral service experts in the wider Mitchell Shire region of Victoria, we believe working with the community during this critically meaningful period is a privilege. Our dedicated funeral directors conduct their roles with the utmost respect and expertise, instilling a sense of confidence in the families we work with from the first contact.

We take care of the practical components such as registering the death, liaising with cemetery managers or crematorium staff, arranging the various inclusions for the burial or funeral service and wake, live streaming the event, instructing next of kin of the different options throughout, and, of course, making sure all relevant wishes and traditions are being upheld. Engaging with our funeral directors is the best way to achieve a well-rounded service, knowing nothing is left undone.

Benefits of Choosing Howard Squires Funerals in Gisborne

Funerals Gisborne


Our decades of industry experience strengthens our core values of compassion, competence, and professionalism, which are at the heart of what we do. The knowledge we have acquired from dealing with countless families benefits present and future clients in many ways.

Beyond the thoughtful touches we provide that make end-of-life events meaningful, we are aware that those with whom we work value our transparent pricing. During a challenging time of loss, you deserve clarity, and we promise the best prices possible based on your expert funeral requirements. More so, our long-standing affiliation with local suppliers and third parties ensures multiple advantages for our clients.

Our loyal network of caterers, musicians, vehicle-hire companies, celebrants, cremation urn sellers, casket vendors, and others will go above and beyond to satisfy Howard Squires Funerals clientele as a priority.

Tragedy can strike at any time. Whether your loved one’s passing was sudden or not, we are readily available to take your call and be upfront about what you can expect from us. Be assured that our staff is incredibly kind and approachable and can handle all the complexities that shroud the loss of life.

All types of requests can be realised with our funeral services, including live music, the release of doves or balloons, professional photography, iconic venues, vintage cars, candle lighting ceremonies, civil celebrants, baby funerals, memorial books, floral tributes, online tribute pages, announcements, and much more. We welcome you to share your vision with us.

Pre-planning a Funeral in Gisborne

It has become more common to take the steps necessary to pre-plan your funeral and relieve the burden on your family when the time comes. We can gently guide you through the process of doing so with various options to meet and exceed your expectations.

For many, the act of preparing one’s own funeral feels daunting. However, many of our clients explain that they feel a sense of control and a weight lifted off their shoulders as we move through the seamless and quick process of funeral planning in Gisborne.

If you are considering pre-planning a funeral in Gisborne, we will give you the peace of mind you need that everything will be taken care of. We know how to incorporate different faiths, customs, and traditions into a tasteful funeral service that is non-discriminatory.

Affordable Funeral Pricing in Gisborne

We are fully transparent with our pricing, packages, and add-ons to respect the fact that money is not at the forefront of people’s minds during this trying time. We have a general price list for reference, and based on your preferences, we will then put together a custom fee proposal for you to consider without obligation.

Financial circumstances differ for every family. In some cases, the deceased left a monetary contribution for the end-of-life services. In other cases, a valid funeral insurance policy may be in place. We often find that the next of kin is left to carry the costs of the event. We try to find the best package solution to meet your budget and style.

Our priority is to make our services accessible to those who may be physically distant. In Gisborne, we include webcasting and offer online tribute pages to encourage participation by friends and family worldwide. We are proud to bring people together to honour people near and dear to them.

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If you are planning a funeral, we welcome you to contact specialist Gisborne funeral directors, Howard Squires Funerals, to arrange your personalised fee proposal.

One call to our funeral directors in Gisborne will put you at ease. Your mind may feel full of the long list of things that need to be done to achieve a beautiful end-of-life service, but we can take care of everything for you.