Infant or Child Funeral Services

The smallest coffins are the heaviest to carry! We at Howard Squires Funerals are committed to providing support to parents and families who are touched by the death of an infant or child.

Our Affordable Funeral Planner will act as your guide and support leading up to and including the baby’s funeral. They can meet with you either in the hospital, on your return home, or at one of our many branch locations.

Childrens funeral


Children's Funerals Services

As we understand that many parents may not be familiar with the options available, our dedicated Child Funeral Planners are here to offer you information and choices concerning the various types of baby funeral services and their associated costs. We strongly focus on catering to your personal needs and desires, including any considerations related to your religious or cultural beliefs.

Funerals for Infants and Children in Melbourne

At Howard Squires Funerals, we understand the profound anguish of losing a young loved one. At this profoundly difficult time, our affordable funeral planners are here to offer compassionate guidance and support. We understand that the loss of an infant or child is an incredibly heartbreaking experience. Our compassionate team in Melbourne is dedicated to providing respectful and tender funeral services for babies and children. We aim to offer a conducive environment where families can honour their cherished memories, ensuring every detail is cared for and sensitively.

Planning your Child’s Funeral

Planning a funeral for a child requires a gentle touch and thoughtful consideration. Our team at Howard Squires Funerals is here to help you with every aspect, from selecting the perfect service to choosing meaningful tributes. We provide personalised guidance to create a fitting ceremony that reflects the uniqueness of your child’s life. Our team of children’s funeral planners is committed to providing you with gentle, caring assistance every step of the way, from the initial planning stages to the day of the funeral.

Personalised Funeral Services for Your Little One

Each child is unique, and we believe their farewell should be, too. Our baby funeral planners are dedicated to helping you create a service that honours and celebrates your child’s life, however brief. Whether you have specific ideas in mind or need some guidance, we are here to assist in creating a meaningful and loving tribute. From music and readings to unique tokens and decorations, we help you plan a heartfelt and comforting farewell.

Choosing a Funeral Director for your Infant/Child’s Funeral

Selecting the right funeral director is crucial during such difficult times. At Howard Squires Funerals, we specialise in infant and child funerals, bringing empathy and expertise to guide you through the process. Our experienced directors are here to support you at every step, ensuring your child’s farewell is conducted with dignity and love.

Understanding Your Options: Types of Services and Costs

Making decisions during this time can be overwhelming. Our team of child funeral planners will provide clear, easy-to-understand information about the various funeral services, including their associated costs. We are here to ensure you are fully informed and comfortable with every aspect of the arrangements.
We offer a range of beautifully crafted coffins, caskets, and cremation urns explicitly designed for children and babies. Each unit is designed with care, providing a dignified and fitting tribute to your loved one. Our selection includes various styles and materials, allowing you to find the perfect resting place that resonates with your family’s wishes.

Sensitive to Your Cultural and Religious Needs

We recognise the importance of cultural and religious customs, especially in grief. Our children’s Funeral Planners are experienced in arranging services that honour a wide range of religious and cultural beliefs, ensuring that your child’s funeral respects your family’s traditions and values.

Support Beyond the Funeral Service

Our support does not end with the funeral service. We provide ongoing assistance and resources to help you and your family through this difficult time. Whether connecting you with counselling services or support groups or simply being there to listen, we are committed to helping you cope with your loss.

Contact Us for Gentle and Caring Support

If you are facing the unimaginable loss of a child and need support in planning a funeral, please reach out to us. Our Affordable Funeral Planners can meet with you at your convenience, whether at the hospital, your home, or one of our branch locations. We are here to provide you with gentle, caring, and understanding support during this difficult time.


Q: How can Howard Squires Funerals support us in planning a child funeral?

We provide dedicated and compassionate support to families during this difficult time. Our Affordable Funeral Planners will guide you through every step, offering personalised assistance in planning the funeral, understanding your options, and ensuring the service respects your child’s memory and your family’s needs.

Q: Can we customise the baby funeral services?

Absolutely. We believe in honouring the unique life of each child. Our Funeral Planners will work with you to create a personalised and meaningful service that reflects your child’s life and your family’s wishes. This can include specific themes, music, readings, or any personal touches you desire.

Q: What types of funeral services are available for infants and children?

We offer various types of funeral services tailored to your needs. This ranges from traditional religious ceremonies to non-religious memorials and services held at multiple locations like family homes, parks, or our chapel. Our team will explain all available options to help you decide what’s best for your family.

Q: Are any financial assistance options available for infant and child funerals?

We understand that the cost of a funeral can be a concern. Our team can discuss various affordable options and guide you through any available financial assistance programs to help alleviate the financial burden during this challenging time.

Q: How can we incorporate our cultural and religious beliefs into the children's funeral service?

Respecting your cultural and religious traditions is a priority for us. Our Funeral Planners are experienced in organising services that honour a wide range of religious and cultural practices. Please share your specific requirements with us, and we will ensure they are incorporated respectfully into the service.

Q: Can we meet with a baby Funeral Planner at home or the hospital?

Yes, our Funeral Planners are available to meet with you at the most convenient and comfortable location, whether at your home, the hospital, or one of our branch locations. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you.

Q: What support is available after the children's funerals service?

Our support extends beyond the funeral service. We can provide resources and referrals for counselling and support groups, and our team is always available to offer ongoing assistance and a listening ear as you navigate through this period of grief.