Howard Squires Funerals - Seymour, VIC

Howard Squires Funerals are the funeral service specialists in Seymour, Victoria.

As a locally owned and operated business, Howard Squires Funerals has been serving the Seymour community for decades as the longest-serving funeral directors/funeral service expert in the wider Mitchell Shire region of Victoria.

Whether working with an individual and their family to pre-plan their own funeral service or working with a family in the immediate aftermath of the loss of a loved one, Howard Squires Funerals delivers a highly personalised service that helps to take the stress out of arranging a funeral.

We've worked hard to assemble a team of compassionate and experienced funeral professionals/directors who are ready and willing to assist you or a loved one with funeral arrangements.

Our pricing is transparent and straightforward. When you work with us, you will receive a quote for our services and can rely on us to negotiate the best price for any additional services required for the funeral, such as limousine hire or any other requirements you may have.

With a long-standing tradition of service to the Seymour community, Howard Squires Funerals is a name you can trust to assist with your arrangements.

Funeral Directors Seymour, VIC

Funeral directors play a crucial role in the arrangement and organisation of a funeral service in Seymour.

Their primary role entails instilling a sense of security and calm amongst the family members impacted by their loved ones’ demise. A funeral director takes care of the intricacies and logistics of the process including registering death, arranging a funeral service, arranging for burial or cremation and if required, arranging for a wake. At Howard Squire Funerals, we believe that our primary responsibility is to alleviate stress associated with funeral planning, allowing you to focus on comforting your loved ones.

Some of the issues an experienced and competent funeral director, such as the one at Howard Squires Funerals, looks after include:

Completing all relevant paperwork, such as the registration of death
Liaising with cemeteries, crematoriums, venues, and celebrants
Arranging or assisting with the live stream

Affordable Funeral Services in Seymour, VIC

When planning funeral services in Seymour, Victoria, it is critical to consider your family's financial situation. Perhaps the deceased left a sum to cover the cost of their final services.

They may have also pre-arranged their funeral.

However, if they did not plan ahead or did not leave much to their family members, the family may be interested in finding affordable funeral services in Seymour.

At Howard Squires Funeral, we work with you and your family to understand what  requirements and suggest options as per your budget

Our goal is to provide you a transparent quote tailored that reflects your and your loved one’s wishes.  Our goal is to provide the funeral service your loved one deserves.

Trusted By Families Across Seymour, VIC

Howard Squires Funerals are the longest-serving Funeral Directors in the Mitchell Shire, which includes Seymour, Vic.

This makes us one of the most trusted and well-known funeral houses in town.

We have helped countless local Seymour families arrange a personalized funeral services for their loved ones, catering to different budget requirements and accommodating customs from different faiths and religions.

The loss of a loved one is never easy, and often it is the ones left behind who are hit the hardest and need to take the responsibility of organising a funeral service.

Howard Squires Funeral and our team of expert Seymour funeral directors understand this and take it into account when assisting families to prepare and organise funeral services ones.

Why Choose Our Funeral Services in Seymour, VIC

At Howard Squires Funerals, we pride ourselves on serving the local Seymour community with professional and personalized funeral services.

We do that thanks to the experienced and knowledgeable team of Seymour funeral directors we have assembled, who combine exceptional communication with Howard Squires Funerals well-established processes and relationships to bring together well-priced and personal funeral services to the families.

Serving local and regional community, our funeral services are affordable and customisable. We prioritise our client’s peace of mind and provide detailed quotation with transparent pricing. If you choose to work with us, we ensure that you get the best price for any additional services required for the funeral.

Contact Seymour Funeral Services Expert Today

Howard Squires Funerals' caring approach to funeral planning provides reassurance at a time of grief, guiding you through each arrangement and acting as a source of support.

We provide a comprehensive range of services that are discussed and organised on an individual basis to reflect any traditions, religious backgrounds, or personal requests you may have.

We also provide a variety of financial options . From your first phone call, our guidance and support will ensure that all arrangements are made with confidence.

To get started, contact specialist Seymour Funeral Directors, Howard Squires Funerals to arrange your initial arrangement meeting.

This meeting can be held at your residence or at one of our convenient branch locations.

During this arrangement meeting, one of our Funeral Planners will assist you in determining  a funeral's practical and celebratory details. Additionally, several legal forms will be completed.

The arrangement meeting typically lasts between 1-2 hours.

Contact one of our funeral directors today to speak about your funeral requirements.