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Howard Squires Funerals are Broadford, Victoria's funeral service professionals/Broadford’s go-to funeral service professionals.

As the region’s longest-standing funeral directors funeral specialist, Howard Squires Funerals have been assisting individuals and families in pre-planning their funeral ceremony or helping them out in the immediate aftermath of a loved one’s death. Having served the Broadford community for decades, the family-owned and run company provides personalised service to alleviate the burden associated with funeral planning.

We have worked diligently to build a team of experienced funeral directors who will help you or a loved one with funeral preparations with empathy and care.

Our pricing structure is clear and transparent. We will provide you with an estimate for our services and are always available to negotiate the lowest price for any other funeral services you may need, such as limousine hiring or any other requirements.

Funeral Directors Broadford, VIC

Funeral directors are critical in the planning and organisation of a funeral ceremony.

They play an essential role in establishing a feeling of security and peace among family members who have been affected by a loved one's death.

A funeral director manages the process's complexities and logistics, which include registering the death, planning the funeral ceremony, arranging for burial or cremation, and, if necessary, arranging for a wake.

At Howard Squire Funerals is to lessen the burden involved with funeral preparation so that you can spend time with your loved ones during this difficult time.

Some of the concerns that an experienced and capable funeral director, such as the one at Howard Squires Funerals, addresses include:

  • Completing the necessary papers, such as the death registration
  • Coordination with graves, crematoriums, locations, and celebrants
  • Organising or assuring the live stream's success

Affordable Funeral Services in Broadford, VIC

It is vital to consider your family's financial status while choosing funeral services in Broadford, Victoria. Perhaps the dead left  money sufficient to pay for their funeral rites.

Alternatively, they may have pre-arranged their funeral.

If they did not prepare ahead or left little to their family members, the family might be interested in seeking economical funeral services in Broadford.

At Howard Squires Funeral, we work with you to understand your needs and economic constraints and provide a clear quotation catering to your and your loved one’s preferences.

Our mission is to present your loved one with the funeral service they deserve.

Trusted by Families Across Broadford, VIC

Howard Squires Funerals has been  operating in the Mitchell Shire, which encompasses Broadford, Victoria, for the longest period of time, and we are one of the most reputable and well-known funeral homes in town.

We have assisted numerous families in Broadford in planning personalised funeral ceremonies for their loved ones, fitting economic constraints and traditions from various faiths and beliefs.

The death of a loved one is never easy, and it is often those left behind that bear the brunt of the burden of organising a funeral ceremony.

Howard Squires Funeral and our team of experienced Broadford funeral directors are aware of this and take it into consideration while aiding families in planning and organising funeral ceremonies.

Why Choose Our Funeral Services in Broadford, VIC

At Howard Squires Funerals, we serve the local and regional communities and take pride in providing professional and customised funeral services to the Broadford community.

We do this by assembling an experienced and professional team of Broadford funeral directors that combine great communication with Howard Squires Funerals' well-established systems and connections to provide families with affordable and personalised funeral services.

Our funeral services are inexpensive and customizable. We put the comfort of our clients first and give thorough quotations with honest pricing. If you want to work with us, we will guarantee that you get the best possible pricing for any extra/additional funeral services.

Contact Broadford Funeral Services Expert Today

We provide a complete selection of services that are discussed and organised on an individual basis/on one-on-one basis to accommodate any customs, religious backgrounds, or personal preferences.

Additionally, we provide a number of funding solutions. From the moment you make your first phone contact, our assistance and support will ensure that all preparations are done confidently.

To begin, call Howard Squires Funerals, a Broadford funeral director, to schedule your first consultation.

This meeting might take place at your home or  one of our conveniently located branch sites.

During the discussion, one of our planners will give you a detailed walkthrough of our funeral planning process and assist you in choosing components of your or your loved one’s funeral in alignment with your specific needs. The planner will also assist you in filling legal paperwork. At every step of funeral arrangement, we will be available to ensure that departed is given the service they deserve.

Typically, the arrangement meeting lasts between 1-2 hours. Make an appointment with one of our funeral directors now to discuss your funeral arrangements.