The Benefits of Pre-Planning a Funeral

By: Glen Funerals
Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Though pre-planning a funeral may seem daunting or uncomfortable to some, it is the wisest thing to do. Pre-planning a funeral can alleviate family and friends’ emotional and financial stress. It also lets you specify how each activity must be carried out, ensuring all your wishes get fulfilled. Even though it is a time of grief and sorrow, it is also a time to honour the life of the deceased loved one.

Pre-planning will relieve your family and friends from making difficult decisions ranging from the type of funeral or burial you want, the type of ceremony you would have preferred, and how you would like it to be carried out.

At Glen Funerals, we believe pre-planning a funeral can make these challenging and testing times a little easier for you and your loved ones.

Advantages of Pre-planning a Funeral

Provides complete peace of mind: One of the most significant benefits of pre-planning a funeral is knowing that your last wishes will be respected and carried out as intended. It ensures all your wishes will be honoured and taken care of.

While making funeral plans, you can mention your specific preferences regarding the disposition of the remains, the preferred funeral services, the epitaph on the headstone, and even specific songs or readings. This brings a lot of comfort to the individual and their close ones and ensures that the funeral reflects the deceased person’s life.

Reduces the family’s financial burden: Apart from the pain of losing your loved one, funerals can be expensive. Funeral costs tend to rise yearly, meaning a funeral will cost less today than a few years later. If you pre-plan your funeral now, the prices will get locked in today, leaving no scope for rising expenses in the future. Additionally, pre-paying for funeral services can help alleviate financial burdens for loved ones, allowing them to focus on grieving and healing rather than worrying about the cost of the funeral.

Reduces the stress on loved ones: There are more than 70 details that need to be taken care of in the first 24 hours of death. Pre-arranging all those details eases those incredibly stressful and emotional first 24 hours for your loved ones. This way, they won’t have to take crucial decisions and make unnecessary last-minute purchases. Funeral plans will give family and friends more time to celebrate the deceased’s life and mourn their loss.

Permits personalisation: Preparing funeral plans offers more flexibility and personalisation in funeral arrangements. When planning, one has ample time to explore all available options and make a calculated decision based on their preferences; instead of their loved ones making assumptions about the individual’s preferences. Pre-planning your own funeral allows you to make creative and unique arrangements reflecting your individual personality, values and interests.

Avoid potential misunderstanding or indecision: Family disputes arise when there is confusion and disagreements over funeral arrangements. Pre-planning a funeral can help avoid it by ensuring everything is written, and your wishes are clear. Your loved ones won’t have to guess what you would have wanted, and they won’t have to argue over what should be done. Every decision you make is one less decision your family needs to make and argue over.

Helps avoid emotional overspending: When a close one leaves us, grief often makes us feel pressured to overspend on funeral arrangements. Since it is one last chance to honour and reflect upon the individual’s life, by pre-planning a funeral, one can set a budget and make decisions about what is truly valuable to them and must be included in the event without the added pressure of emotions.

Provides control: Pre-planning a funeral gives you control over your final arrangements. You can choose the service you want- a traditional funeral, a memorial service, or something else. You can also select the burial or cremation, the casket or urn, and the location of the service. By making these decisions before time, you can ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

Honouring One’s Final Wishes: Finally, pre-planning a funeral ensures that one’s final wishes are honoured. By proper planning, individuals can ensure that their funeral reflects their beliefs and values and that their loved ones can celebrate their life as they would have wanted.


At Glen Funerals, we understand that pre-planning a funeral is a personal decision. It can provide peace of mind, reduce stress and financial burden on your loved ones, allow for personalisation, avoid misunderstanding and overspending, give you control, and honour one’s final wishes.

Our compassionate and experienced staff is here to help you with every step of the process, from pre-planning to the funeral service itself. We offer funeral services in Rosanna, Thomastown and Whittlesea. For a personalised fee proposal or 24-hour service and enquiries, please call our funeral planners on 1800 260 444 or submit your query via our form. Contact us today to learn more about pre-planning a funeral and how we can assist you.

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